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We work on a diverse range of projects covering all sides of the web. Here is a taster of our latest projects.

Who we are

Founded in 1999, we have a history of delivering innovative and effective web sites and web applications. Although much of our work is has been centred on the entertainment business, we have a broad portfolio spanning many industries both large and small.

The XYi Digital Solutions team have completed successful projects for many major entertainment companies including EMI, Universal Pictures, FilmFour, Universal Music, Sony, Paramount, Warner, FilmFlex, Filmbank, HMV, Iron Maiden and the Metrodome Group, as well as trade bodies including the Film British Film Council, the British Film Institute and the Music Publishers Association.

We pioneered a number of on-line marketing and reporting tools for our clients including digital asset management systems, media intranets, on-line ordering and approval systems, digital press offices, and film screening reporting tools. In short, we have used the connected power of the internet to make business work a little more smoothly.

We now work with the Drupal content management framework which allows us to get complicated web sites up and running fast. The Drupal library enables us to store and manipulate data and media assets in powerful ways.....and at a very reasonable price.

Our latest projects have been exploring Geolocations, Responsive layouts and Transactional Video Streaming. They will surely lead us forward to many more years of incredible innovation in this wonderful connected world.

Please view our work to date. We are proud of it.

What We're Good At

We learn constantly but here are some of the things we can offer you now.
  • Websites BIG & small

    From online brochure to complex database driven sites, we have in-house design and development skills coupled with a wealth of business experience to help you identify your requirements and create a successful website.

  • HD video for Sale

    Having worked with many film companies we are experienced in delivering video content across multiple devises securely and in great "buffer" free high quality. We couple streaming with a full transactional back end to collect and report income.

  • Easy is it

    From the inception of XYi we have build sites that do things which make peoples live's easier. We come from a marketing and content back ground so we have from the beginning made our sites accessible to people of every technical ability.

  • Telling the World

    Our first websites were marketing intranets because we saw the opportunity to save money and improve efficiency. Now we work with many of our clients on marketing, mini-sites, advertising banners, trailers and responsive rich media emails.

  • Getting things in place

    If its the where not the what you are looking for we can help. We have been having fun creating location based sites to bring customers to products by combining databases with GEO location services and on-line mapping.

  • Keeping it affordable

    We build complex functional websites at a cost you wont't believe with the amazing Drupal. The open source content management framework allows us to build systems that enable you to manage your content without referring back to us all the time.

  • Making complex simple

    Over the years we have programmed several highly complex sites integrating mass data, interpreting it and re-integrating it with other business systems. We built the UK Film Council specialist screening program analysing film screenings and UK quotas.

  • Keeping it legal

    Rights and rights distribution is the back bone of our business, we understand licensing and copyright and can offer a licensing and reporting service to our clients.

  • Treating you right

    A good website is no good with out a strong reliable support infrastructure. We host and support 80% of our sites and we our proud we have only lost one client in 15 years.

What Our Clients Say

Some nice words from a few of our happy clients.

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